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A Temari is a ball covered with yarn and thread and embroidered in colorful designs. They are decorative objects, objects d'art; their purpose, to bring beauty to our world and enjoyment in creating them.

Temari had a humble beginning as a toy, a throwing ball, made of thread wrapped around a soft center. Some accounts say they began in China, eventually finding their way to Japan around the 7th century B.C.

Ladies of wealth or nobility made the balls of thread from discarded worn clothing for children of the courts.

Over the ages Temari have been refined with new threads and materials used for centers. Today ball and egg shapes of Styrofoam  make an excellent and affordable core for an extensive array of beautiful threads.

With the ease of world-wide communication and travel, knowledge of Temari has spread and they have evolved into a fine craft of beautifully wrapped and embroidered shapes. They are intriguing in both the making and beholding.

I began making Temari after a lifetime of creating fine art and crafts. I had never heard of Temari. Then in 2008 a new friend showed me the Temari she had learned to make while living in Japan. Their beauty so intrigued me I had to touch them and then learn to make them myself.

Then I showed another friend how to make them and one day she emailed me with the subject being "Temari Obsession". That they are!

In the meantime, along the way many of the beautiful threads and other supplies have come my way in the form of gifts... the only request in return being to spread them across the country, which I have had much fun doing, from coast to coast and border to border, and a couple even made it over the borders, north and south.

Many I have given away and now I am delighted to be selling my Temaries which helps support making more!


Temari translates "hand ball". Itemari translates "thread ball".

In the West, these beautiful objects of art are called Temari.

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