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Graduation TemariFor the Graduate

After graduation what do you do with that tassel?

How about putting it on a Temari ball? . Pick out a Temari design, email me for a price, send me your tassel, and I'll create a Temari keepsake that you can enjoy everyday. Do it for yourself or give it as a gift.


Start A Tradition

In Japan there is a lovely custom for Mothers to make a Temari near the end of the year and then place the lovingly made ball in the pillow of the youngest Daughter on New Years Eve.

So, start your own Tradition. Pick a holiday or your own special event, choose the person you want to give this vChristmas Ornamentery special gift to and then select a Temari from the Galleries or Gift Shop.

An Example: On a child's first birthday, give a Temari ornament, and continue with a new Temari ornament each year. When the child is grown they will have a beautiful and treasured collection for their own Christmas tree or to display as a work of art.


Temari are Special Gifts for Special People, including Yourself!

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"The world is round so that friendship may encircle it."        ----- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Friendship TemariFriendship Temaries for EveryoneFriendship, a precious gift, may be just beginning, or has lasted a lifetime.Imagine friends joining arms in laughter or comfort the world around. This Friendship Temari is made with loving thoughts of Friends, new and old, near and far, to be passedalongas a special gift to a Special Friend. Pick up one in the Temari Gift Shop or email me for one in your colors.

Wedding TemariFor the Bride and Groom

Give a gift no one else has thought of... a Wedding Temari.
This beautiful intricate design can be done in white or off-white, with silver or gold, or the wedding colors.
The Wedding Temari is a 5" core ball, with a bell inside, a tassel and hanging cord.

Email your inquiries to nancy@npcdesign.com.

White Bridesmaid TemariFor the Bridesmaids
For a gift very different, and very special, give a Temari of gold and silver threads on white...

Or, order the colors of your bridesmaids dresses.

Email me with inquiries... nancy@npcdesign.com

Blue Friendship Temari   Is it a Boy... ...or a Girl?    Pink Friendship Temari

Add a Temari ornament to your baby gift.
Give a pink or blue ball (or any other color you love).
This Friendship Temari is a perfect size on a 2" core ball and come in many colors.

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