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Making a Temari

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Cover ball with yarn
Begin by covering a styrofoam ball (or egg)
with a soft yarn.

Cover with thread
Once the form is completely covered with yard, completely cover the yarn layer with regular sewing thread. Moving and rotating the form so that it is covered smoothly.
Once the form is completely covered in sewing thread, use colored pins to mark the north and south poles. Use paper strips to measure and place marking pins.
Add guidelines
Using needle and thread mark quidelines for design.
Plot with pins
Plot the design with colored pins.
Stitch design
Begin stitching design with needle and thread.
The Finished Product
The Finished Product!
These are the very basic of steps to creating a Temari. There are a number of books and websites with more detailed instruction. See Links for more information or search the Net for things Temari.
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