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Kimekomi is an ancient Japanese craft dating to the early 1700s. While some of the designs are reminiscent to the Temari designs, these decorative balls are made of fabric, batting, and cord rather than threads.

For me it is a way to satisfy my desire to quilt without delving into a whole other craft. Now I have something to do with the beautiful small pieces of fabric I pick up along the way.

Kimekomi is made by tucking fabric into grooves cut into a styrofoam ball and then trimmed out in satin cord, beads or other decorative trim.

Kimekomi #K1301 Black Cats & Polka Dots

Kimekomi #K1301
Black Cats & Polka Dots
This 4" ornament has sparkly Black Cats on a hot pink background and white polka dots on black,
trimmed in black satin cord and topped with a fussy shear bow of pink ribbon and black dot on white ribbon.
Makes you feel happy.
Belongs to James & Cindy


Kimekomi #K1302 Pink Dots & Floral     Kimekomi #K1302 Pink Dots & Floral

Kimekomi #K1302
Pink Dots & Floral
Very Feminine. Pretty Pink floral and pink dots on solf green fabric with a dusty pink satin cord trim on this 3" core ball.
Belongs to Cindy, Winters, TX

Kimekomi #K1303 Flashy Butterflies

Kimekomi #K1303
Flashy Butterflies
Lots of color on this 4" core ball. Fanciful multi-colored
butterflies and pale lavendar dots on an orange background
are trimmed in turquoise satin cord.

Kimekomi #K1304 Kokopeli

Kimekomi #K1304
This 4" ball is covered with beautiful batik fabric depicting
Kokopeli and finished in a beaded fuzzy metallic trim.
This is the last of this particular Kokopeli fabric that I have and,
so, I'm keeping it.
Not for Sale. Owned by the Artist.

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